solar powered exhaust fansHomeowners with attic are advised to have attic fans installed to vent heat or warm air of the house and to keep it fresh inside. But what if your home doesn’t have an attic? How would you eliminate warm air without adding to the electricity bills? The answer is solar-powered exhaust fans that can be mounted on a wall and save on bills as well.

The solar-powered exhaust-fans have proven to be successful in maintaining a comfortable temperature within the house by keeping the air fresh and clean. Let us look at some of the top benefits of installing a solar-powered exhaust fan at home:

1. Active Cooling: The exhaust fan powered by solar panel ensures the effective working of the HVAC system as it will continue to vent hot or warm air inside the house. Your AC will consume less energy, and your home will be a lot cooler. That is the core purpose of an exhaust fan after all. 

2. Annual Saving: Now, that comes without a saying. With solar panels installed, you save on electricity bills. The solar-powered exhaust fans, in particular, can help save a lot of money as your AC will need a lesser utility to operate which means reduced electricity bills. 

3. Improved Air Quality: Mold and mildew are common culprits for degraded air quality of the house. Exhaust fans can vent out bad odors and toxic air from home and provide clean and fresh air. In short, with exhaust fans installed, the air quality of the house will be improved.

Aside from exhaust fans, solar power can be used in a variety of other appliances and home solar products or in your place of business. Learn more about the other benefits of solar power in the video below. 

Improved ventilation means fresh air inside the house and lower load on the AC. Powering the exhaust fans on the solar panel; you can considerably reduce the overall utility load of the house and save significantly on the energy bill. Contact a local contractor to learn on how to install the exhaust fan and power it by the solar panel.

Make sure that you’re getting help from a licensed contractor because solar exhaust fan installation can be very tricky. If done improperly, it may not be as efficient or effective. It may also damage the structure of your home.

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