Kitchen Stone CountertopsA kitchen with rough handling needs durable countertops for chopping and protection from massive spills. Stone countertops make a perfect fit for such a kitchen. Here are some best stone countertops for a kitchen that is worth buying if you are planning to remodel your kitchen.

1. Soapstone: Soapstone is natural. It is usually available in the market in a dark gray color. It is smooth and silky to touch. Soapstone has emerged as an alternative to granite and has found its place in modern houses. Its installation is a bit complicated. On the brighter side, the countertop is deep and rich in color, quite impervious to heat and damages, and is stain resistant.

2. Marble: Marble is yet another natural stone. It is quite expensive as compared to its peers, and this one of the reasons why you may not find many houses with marble countertops. It is not only costly but also delicate. It won’t be easier to keep the marble intact at your kitchen as it can be scratched and may require frequent repairing.

3. Quartz: Quartz is an engineered stone that is most suitable for kitchen countertops. It is easy to install, maintain and can be customized as needed. Quart has proven to be more appealing in its appearance as compared to the natural stone countertops. However, it is a little expensive, and the countertops are quite heavy.

Style your kitchen area with stone countertops as they are durable and appealing to your eyes. When buying kitchen countertops, consider the latest trend and of course, your budget, so you don’t end up spending unnecessarily.   

Moving soon? Here are some budget tips that might help you out! 

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