Blue Rose Bushes – Color & Maintenance

Blue roses are awesome and they had a mythical stature as well. They are not naturally produced because of the lack of a gene for creating blue pigment. In fiction stories, in mythological stories, and in fairy tales; we have heard a lot about blue roses. They are a symbol of love, prosperity, and the unattainable. For decades, breeders have attempted to produce a blue rose with the true blue color, as maintaining blue rose bushes, much like removing pine trees, it can be quite a difficult task.

Thankfully, we achieved limited success with the shade of lilac and mauve; still these colors are not true blue. However, blue roses can be produced by coloring or dyeing white roses. If a gene with blue pigment would be introduced in future, then we’ll be able to produce roses with true blue shade; via genetic engineering.


Tree Trimming TreesOur blue and red rose bushes, as well as our 3 large pine trees, have gotten completely out of control in the past month. So not only is the color hard to get right, but so is the maintenance. We called Port Orange Tree Service to make these repairs, and their tree trimming in Port Orange, FL was outstanding. When they were done, our rose bushes, our pine trees, and our entire landscape was absolutely amazing!

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Home Landscaping Careers

Residential LandscapingResidential landscaping is a very advance industry, especially in north America. Landscaping is an art as well as a science to build and maintain the outdoor space of the house. This can incorporate plants, stone works, ponds, trees, and grass. A career in this field can very fruitful. There are 3 common types of jobs available in residential landscaping:

  • Company management
  • Landscape construction
  • Landscape design

Career Counseling

To get started, it is crucial to determine which type of role you desire. Career counseling is beneficial to decide whether you would do best in an office-based workplace or in a physical environment. Residential landscaping companies are generally small, reputable based organizations. Reputation based means that mostly the work is obtained by reputation; so it is crucial to develop and maintain a professional image.

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Land Clearing and Lot Clearing

Land clearing incorporates the elimination of trees as well as the brush on a specific land. Based on the size, purpose, and location of the land, the removal may require advanced land clearing tools and equipment. The three basic methods of land clearing and lot clearing are:

  • Burning
  • Pushover
  • Cutting and grinding

These methods are generally universal, and should be performed by professional tree service companies for safety and efficiency.  I visited a client in Volusia County several weeks ago, and they cleared a 5-acre lot in order to develop and sell the property.  It was a heavily wooded area with trees and excessive overgrowth.  The company they hired was New Smyrna Tree Service located in New Smyrna Beach, FL.  They really did an outstanding job and had the entire project completed in 4 days.


The burning method is very dangerous and should not be considered without professional help. It is also the most dangerous land clearing method.  There are numerous new accounts of this activity getting completely out of control and threatening neighborhoods and people, as well as entire communities.

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Understanding Your Household Fertilizers

Potassium nitrate fertilizer, a common household fertilizer, is usually used in both home gardens as well as in large scale agriculture. Available in liquid or granule form, it incorporates two important nutrients for the growth of plants; potassium and nitrogen. Nitrogen is known for maturing plant species as it promotes the growth. On the other hand, potassium promotes biological functions. The manufactured form of this fertilizer is created by oxidizing ammonia, and Spain, India, and Chile are a few largest sources.


Potassium nitrate is on the other hand named more ordinarily in the US: “saltpeter”. As it contains low amounts of salt and high amount of nitrate, this fertilizer functions admirably to grow potatoes, fruits, tomatoes, and celery, and a few more organic veggies. In agribusiness, it is commonly used to bolster high value or specialty crops. In home greenhouses, potassium nitrate nourishes the flowers, and maintains healthy and green lawns.

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