Land clearing incorporates the elimination of trees as well as the brush on a specific land. Based on the size, purpose, and location of the land, the removal may require advanced land clearing tools and equipment. The three basic methods of land clearing and lot clearing are:

  • Burning
  • Pushover
  • Cutting and grinding

These methods are generally universal, and should be performed by professional tree service companies for safety and efficiency.  I visited a client in Volusia County several weeks ago, and they cleared a 5-acre lot in order to develop and sell the property.  It was a heavily wooded area with trees and excessive overgrowth.  The company they hired was New Smyrna Tree Service located in New Smyrna Beach, FL.  They really did an outstanding job and had the entire project completed in 4 days.


The burning method is very dangerous and should not be considered without professional help. It is also the most dangerous land clearing method.  There are numerous new accounts of this activity getting completely out of control and threatening neighborhoods and people, as well as entire communities.

Burning includes controlling the fire, as well as maintaining it until all brush and trees are burned completely. After the flames are quenched, the area can be cleared through a bulldozer or with other construction equipment.


The pushover method includes the used of significant construction equipment, and trained operators of this equipment. The trees are hauled off and pushed over the land with the roots in place. When the trees are moved to the desired location, they are generally ground for mulching material or processed for sale.  This also can be hazardous work, and should only be attempted by the professionals.

Cutting and Grinding

The cut and grind technique starts with cutting the trees down.  These trees are usually moved to a different location (most probably for processing); however, the stumps are left in place. They can be pulled out using heavy construction machines, or can be used as mulching material.  Homeowners should never attempt this on their own, as it is dangerous to life and property.  Many companies will provide you with free estimates for this type of work, and take the worry out of dealing with it.

This company uses a disc mulcher which is very effective for efficient land clearing:

Professional Tree Service

Yes, some very small areas of land can be cleared without any expert technicians.  However, larger plots of land require professional help, and a team of trained experts.  Such teams are trained in many important aspects of tree removal:

  1. Properly operating heavy equipment
  2. Wearing proper safety gear
  3. Understanding how trees will respond to heavy equipment, including which way they will fall
  4. Proper disposal of trees and brush

That is why, it is always suggested to call a professional tree service company that has experience in tree removal, lot clearing, and land clearing. They are likewise trained in local laws, as well as the regulation with respect to the clearing of land.  Just make sure they are properly insured and have all required licenses.

Contacting a Lumber Company

This is also an effective option for some property owners, if they want to sell the timber as well. The timber can be sold to the company and they will clear the land without any extra cost. Keep in mind that these companies may not remove the debris from the site, as they are not professionals in clearing the area.  For that, you would need to call a local tree service company. Ultimately, contacting a professional is the best choice.

Bottom Line

You should know that land clearing might harm the topsoil, because clearing the land will cause erosion of the topsoil.  However, you can easily preserve the dirt by planting healthy grass in the soil. This will likewise prevent the soil loss.  And of course be aware of the hazard to people and property when performing these activities.

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