low maintenance treesEveryone loves to see greenery in the front and backyard. But, not all have the time to prune and trim the tree. Therefore, it is best to look for your options with low maintenance trees for your residence. These are the ones that don’t need a lot of tree maintenance and care done all the time. It would be more than enough to keep it trimmed or pruned only once every year or few years.

1. Camellia Japonica: It is an evergreen tree and a favorite of many. The tree grows bright flowers and may bring colors to your yard. The tree usually grows to 10 -12 feet and is 10 feet wide. They look beautiful and grow white, pink, and red flowers.

2. Royal Star Magnolia: The tree grows white flowers and can tolerate cold and heat. The tree grows 15 feet. It blooms before the foliage emerges in the spring. But afterward, you may expect a green leafy tree for the rest of the year. For flowering trees like this one, it is best to get tree pruning service every year or so to help promote growth.

3. Ribbon-Leaf Japanese Maple: The tree is said to be perfect for a small yard. The tree grows textured leaves that grow red in spring, bronze in summer, and orange in fall. So, with this tree in your yard, you can expect a variety of colors throughout the year.

4. Zuni Crape Myrtle: Zuni is a small tree that grows 12 feet. It is a low maintenance tree and takes up less space. You can add a couple of them in your yard. The tree grows pink flowers in the late summer. In the growing months, you can expect multicolored bark and greenery.

5. Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry: The tree is a popular choice for its white flowers, copper-red leaves, light gray bark, and purplish fruits. The fruits taste just like blueberries. You can use the fruit to make jams and jellies at home. It is a perfect selection for your residence.

Although these low maintenance trees require very little effort to care for unlike when you have smaller plants such as rose bushes around your property, know that in case you need maintenance help, you can always call for a licensed tree contractor in your area.

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