Old CountertopsOf most of the surfaces on your house, countertops are one of the materials that are most roughly used. It bears it all whether it be crack from overzealous chopping, stains from food dying, or scorching heat from the appliances kept on the countertop right from the gas stoves. Although countertops don’t need regular repairs, their appearance over time may deteriorate. You can always freshen up and recreate the dated-looking or worn out old countertops with paint.

Paint, in fact, is an affordable way to remodel your countertops. In case you are tight on budget and don’t want to spend on reinstalling the countertops here is a short guide to help you paint them instead:

Step 1: Cover the area that you don’t want to paint such as sinks and switchboards. Use painter’s tape to cover the non-paint area. In case you have laminated countertop use trisodium phosphate to remove the laminate.

Step 2: Sand the surface with a sandpaper. This will roughen up the surface and make it adhesive for the paint. Sand the surface at least twice until it roughens up. Wipe off any debris or dust from the surface with a tack cloth.

Step 3: Your countertop is now ready to paint. Apply a coat of primer evenly on the surface. Let it sit for 24 hours until it is completely dry to apply paint.

Step 4: Apply a base coat of enamel with a roller. Use a paintbrush for the edges and let the base coat dry.

Step 5: Use a natural sea sponge to stamp paint on the base coat. This will add natural texture to the countertop. You can create patterns, designs and more with the sponge on the countertop. You can dump the sponge in the light colored paint to create beautiful patterns on the base cost.

Your all-new countertop is now ready. It is very easy to enhance the appearance of countertops with paint. You can even experiment and choose paint color as per your preference.

Note that these ideas and steps are most ideal for wood and cement or concrete countertops. Countertops made of natural stone are best re-sealed when it’s time for maintenance. If you need to freshen up their look, you must call a natural stone contractor for professional assistance.

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