Along the lines of excellent green energy products, spray foam insulation in your attic is a great way to reduce your monthly power bill.  It is much more effective than traditional insulation, or blown-in cellulose.  It is clearly the most expensive insulation option, but also has by far the biggest savings payoff.

To work effectively, spray foam insulation is sprayed on the underside of your home’s roof deck. You have to achieve a seal so that there is no air transfer in or out of your attic to the outside air.  The following shows how it is installed.

The resulting effect is an attic that is near the temperature of your home’s interior in the summer months, as opposed to being much, much warmer. So in the summer if your indoor air temperature is 78°, your attic temperature might be 140°F with traditional insulation. This difference is what forces your air conditioning to have to work so hard to keep your home full.

However, with spray foam insulation if you seal your roof deck, your attic temperature can realistically be 85 to 90°in the summertime, which greatly reduces the burden on your conditioning to keep your home cool. So when the difference between your indoor air temperature in your attic temperature is only 10-15°, this creates an efficient system where your air conditioning will have to work much less often.

The cost of spray foam insulation varies depending on where you live, but as a general rule it is going to run you approximately $2.00/sf. So if your home is 2,500 sf, you can figure a spray foam insulation job in your attic will cost approximately $5,000.00. Again, this does very based on a number of factors, but that is a good ballpark cost.

Another factor to consider it spray foam insulation is a good fit for your home is whether or not your attic is accessible. Many homes that are more than 30 years old do not have enough room in the attic for the installers to access. The roof pitch needs to be 30°or higher or it will be just too cumbersome to move around and apply the spray foam. It generally can be done even in tight spaces, but the spray from companies will charge such a premium that it will become counterproductive.

The amount of savings that can be realized as a result of proper spray foam insulation also vary greatly, but a safe estimate would be 15 to 30% on your utilities bill. Using this number you can figure out the payback period for your investment. So if you live in a large home in your power bill is $500 per month in you’re able to save 20% each month, that would be $100. So in that case it would be a four year payback on your investment. The U.S. Green Building Council has a great deal of information on spray foam insulation, and what you can expect to realize in energy efficiency.

Overall, spray foam insulation is generally a great investment to make your home more energy efficient in to save on your utility bill. Some homes are a better fit for this investment than others, so the best idea is to call a local company and have them come out and give you an estimate.

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