Potassium nitrate fertilizer, a common household fertilizer, is usually used in both home gardens as well as in large scale agriculture. Available in liquid or granule form, it incorporates two important nutrients for the growth of plants; potassium and nitrogen. Nitrogen is known for maturing plant species as it promotes the growth. On the other hand, potassium promotes biological functions. The manufactured form of this fertilizer is created by oxidizing ammonia, and Spain, India, and Chile are a few largest sources.


Potassium nitrate is on the other hand named more ordinarily in the US: “saltpeter”. As it contains low amounts of salt and high amount of nitrate, this fertilizer functions admirably to grow potatoes, fruits, tomatoes, and celery, and a few more organic veggies. In agribusiness, it is commonly used to bolster high value or specialty crops. In home greenhouses, potassium nitrate nourishes the flowers, and maintains healthy and green lawns.

Advantages of Fertilizer

The advantages of potassium nitrate fertilizer are self-evident.  It will produce more advantageous, more beneficial crops as well as more alluring gardens. PN fertilizer can likewise help in motivating seeds to sprout in the first place.  Potash, is crucial in making plants more impervious to infections, dry season, and even compelling temperature changes. The potassium does this by empowering robust root systems as well as evolving photosynthesis and energy creation. The nitrates in this composting are fundamental for making protein; and nitrogen is a noteworthy part of chlorophyll, the green sections of plants where photosynthesis happen.

Caution with Fertilizers

Potassium nitrate is used to make grande fuses and fireworks. So, safety is also a concern when using this type of fertilizer. Similar to other chemical fertilizers, this is also harmful if absorbed, inhaled, or swallowed. One should also wear safety gear when applying it.  We always recommend the following personal protective safety gear as follows:

  • Safety glasses
  • Respiratory mask
  • Rubber, water-proof gloves

Keep in mind that excess use of PN fertilizer can damage the plants. This fertilizer is often made up of 13-14% nitrogen, and excessive nitrogen make plants susceptible to wind or frost damage. It can likewise damage the eco-system. Thus, use it moderately or seek a professional help to understand the application better. Mostly, gardeners and agriculture specialists use this fertilizer.

If you choose, you can also make your own fertilizer.  Here is a video on how to do this:


Final Thought on Fertilization

This is a type of synthetic fertilizer is not safe for humans.  However, it is beneficial for plants. As per the recent researches, potassium nitrate fertilizer can contaminate water, if applied incorrectly.  How it is beneficial for plants when it is harmful to humans? There are many things harmful for humans, but benefits for other species. This fertilizer is absorbed by the plants, and they use it right away. Therefore, there is no danger from potassium nitrate fertilizer in this regard.

Fertilization is an important part of nourishing your plants and landscape, but always use caution around fertilizers.

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